We are a team lead by quality professionals as well as ballistic experts with hands-on experience in the armoring industry. At Petra Armored Vehicles we adopt modern technologies like artificial intelligence, lightweight Polymer technologies, Modern fireproof/ Impact Proof Technologies to ensure you are completely secure in our armored products.


Petra  Safe Cars CO. LTD its having two production facilities in Aqaba, Jordan, and Ras al Khaimah, UAE. The capacity of our manufacturing plants allows us to satisfy our customer’s safety needs with on-time delivery, highest standards of manufacturing using the best quality materials and skilled workforce. With the current demand for armored vehicles all over the world, Petra Safe Cars Co. LTD  has the biggest manufacturing unit in Jordan. 

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Petra Safe Cars Co. LTD (Jordan)  has been producing bulletproof vehicles for many years. During this period, we have been constantly adapting. Our production process has been improved and optimized in a way allowing us to serve customers most efficiently. By implementing transparent policies and procedures, we are able to effectively organize and control the armoring steps. Our ability to streamline complex processes sets us apart of our competitors and ensures the highest quality of our vehicles.


Following our commitment to provide clients with the vehicles, which would offer the ultimate in protection and operational capabilities, we always start production process with engineering and design. Our professional engineering team designs all materials required for armoring using 3D software. After that the design project is submitted for precision laser and cutting. At Petra Safe Cars Co. LTD, we only use certified materials. All our components are tested by independent laboratories as well as by our trained staff at the shooting range. Once components are ready, we completely strip the vehicle down to its bare frame, inspect OEM parts and organize them in individual storage.

Armored Safety


We start actual process of armoring with adding armor plates or light-weight composites to the roof, floor, side walls and rear area. The vehicles is equipped with the unique overlap systems installed in all vehicle openings and gaps between the doors and the vehicle’s frame. The suspension and braking systems are also modified and reinforced to handle the added weight of the armor. We then move to the protection of the battery, fuse box and ECM. Finally, the vehicle is outfitted with high-performance run-flat tires.

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Once the vehicle is fully armored, it is upholstered with plastic, wood or leather in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Our technicians pay special attention to small details in order to ensure the beauty of the finished product. If it is required, at this stage we also add special options such as sirens, dual door locks, spotlights, etc. Once the vehicle is fully re-assembled, it undergoes a strict quality control process. All vehicles are inspected by a trained team responsible for ensuring that the vehicle meets all armoring standards as well as performance and craftsmanship levels.

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