Our Expertise

Standard Vehicle Armoring

We armor all land vehicles on different levels like B4, B6, B7, etc. according to customer's tastes and requirements.

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Armored Personal Carriers

Our Armored Personnel Carriers are built to protect passengers and to defend any threats which maybe from land and air.

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Armored Cash in Transit Vehicles

We produce cash in Transit vehicles with various armoring levels for institutions like banks, security firms Government Authorities etc.

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Pre Owned Armored Vehicles

We provide quality armoring on used vehicles to help our customers who wish to have economical armored vehicles.

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Armored Ambulances

We produce armored Ambulances specially designed and equipped for war front applications.

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Armour Vehicles

Our Demining vehicles are capable to defuse 86% of Land Mines at various terrains.

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We supply Armored Vehicles to